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Work in Progress is a GMless, one player game about a mad scientist (you!) that aims to build the greatest creation anyone's ever seen! By resolving each round using a combination of Major and Minor Arcana, you'll build, improve, alter, and swap parts of your creation in order to solve various problems that happen around the lab.

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CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsSingleplayer, Tabletop, Text based, Tabletop role-playing game


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This is easily a 10/10 journaling/story prompt game. 

At its base, it is a high-quality and easily adjustable game to fit your theme without falling into the pit trap of ambiguity that many theme-agnostic story systems do.  

My "scientist" was VTM-inspired kindred and his monster was a winged gargoyle-like homunculus.  The urban horror genre was easy to apply and took nothing away from the core experience, and yet I could just as easily see a cottage-core druid's potted plant coming to life or a wizard creating a construct from pure fractaline magic. 

FYI: I've been highlighting Solo and Alone 3 entries on my private Twitter account. 


(Too bad Story Synth doesn't have audio recording built in...)