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This is the Free DEMO version of Trail Between Sun and Stars, a Nat Twentea Tabletop RPG. Included are the basic rulesets for journeys, a creature compendium with 15 creatures for the grasslands, 5 beginner jobs, and more.

In Trail Between Sun and Stars, you play as an explorer of a world that stopped rotating long ago. 'Days' and 'Nights' as your ancestors knew them no longer pass, and settlements exist in the permanent shine of the sun, curtain of the shade, or if they are lucky, soft pinks of the twilight. As the world evolved to survive, so too did the Creatures that roamed it, making travel a dangerous task. But those who do it tell of a world that is as beautiful as it is, at times, unforgiving.

Trail Between Sun and Stars is a game about venturing out beyond your home, making connections with others, and leaning on each other in a world that no longer turns.

CategoryPhysical game
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Average sessionA few hours


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How many players is this and what is the average play time? Please include GM in the player count, because I am new to TTRPG.

1 GM + 3-5 players was recommended in the pdf.

DL is broken atm.