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This spritepack was made by Cecil (direceart @ twitter/tumblr) for use with Nat Twentea Tabletop RPG "The Masks We Wear".

With regards to the sprites, there are three categories these sprites fall into: status ailments, buffs/debuffs, and miscellanea (which covers the special skills Charge/Concentrate, Makarakarn/Tetrakarn, and Healing Breeze). 

The default palette for buffs/debuffs is red/green, but alternate cyan and magenta colors are available for accessibility purposes.

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I personally think this token pack is a sexy addition because it made tracking statuses in TMWW a lot easier. 

Before using this set, we would kinda assign certain default Roll20 orb colours to certain types of buffs/debuffs, but that kinda blowed because you only have like ~6 colours in to use. Statuses were a bit tricky as well; we picked random tokens from the default set to represent ailments, but users didn't always align with the same choices. Overall, the default Roll20 options were a bit lacking despite the fact TMWW is a very light weight and easy-to-use system.

So if you love playing TMWW, I can really recommend this pack!! Buffs/debuffs are green/red, but there's a cyan/magenta version too if that's easier on your eyes. I love the care and dedication that went into this pack. There were small adjustments based on user feedback too, which were really appreciated. A+